Donate your car, donate for Disabled Children‎

Car donation to support children is an important way to return. Click on charities that help children below to learn how to support issues that affect children around the world, such as education, hunger, disease, homelessness and quality of life. Donate a car today and help needy children.

Donate a car, truck, motorcycle, recreational vehicle or boat to our charity simply by filling out the form below and we will contact you to arrange your car for free. You can claim a tax deduction by supporting an issue that interests you!

A gift

The gift covers children, families, the elderly and persons with disabilities. It unites children with adoptive parents, helps veterans and renews homeless objects, manages housing for people with disabilities, provides housing for the elderly and helps young people at risk.

Donate your car to American volunteers! Donate your car quickly and easily to our charity. When you become a donor, you get a tax credit and help people who need it near you. You can also donate your truck, motorcycle, RV or boat.

Car Donation Guide

The biggest winner of a car donation is usually the donor, not the beneficiary of the charity. But if you are not in a hurry, ignore the quick and easy invitations to the TV and find a highly efficient and respected charity that will make the most of your donation. After that, you can increase the amount that enhances the fact of charity and reduces the risk. IRS audit.

Look for a charity that accepts donations directly to a car

If possible, avoid the commercial intermediaries that promote your car donation. By finding a charity that controls the transaction itself, you can make sure that 100% of the profits remain with the charity. Search for a strong charity doing the work you’re doing in the area you want to go to, and work well.

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